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Nielsen TV: Getting to Know the Next Generation of Video Gamers

1 minute read | October 2019

When Gen X and Millennials were children, playing video games involved either heading to a physical video arcade or jumping into the action on a home console. For those growing up in 2019, however, anything with a screen can be a gaming platform. Not only does this mean that gaming is just a swipe away, but many top games are available across platforms. This means preteens can join their friends in popular games regardless of which platform or device they use. Think of it this way: Success stories like Fortnite and Minecraft could not have happened in an era where titles were limited to console owners.

Believe it or not, pre-teens bring quite a bit to the digital gaming table. Yes, most of the games they play are free, but game makers are adapting their business models to cater to this surprisingly valuable audience. To learn more, we spoke with Carter Rogers, principal analyst at SuperData, who provides insight into the group’s gaming habits, spending power and the ways in which they discover new games.


Additional insights into the next generation of video gamers can be found in Nielsen SuperData’s new Preteen Gamers report.

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