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Influencer marketing: The obvious approach

Nielsen + Obviously: Leveraging Influencers for Healthcare Brand Building


Teaming up to capture brand and influencer metrics

Obviously, a leading full-service influencer marketing agency and creator platform, specializes in cultivating authentic creator networks paired with data-driven strategies for renowned brands worldwide. 

Teaming up with Nielsen’s Brand Impact solution, Obviously aimed to demonstrate their ability to drive key brand metrics for a healthcare advertiser client. This involved capturing upper-funnel brand metrics, evaluating diverse creative strategies’ effectiveness and refining brand perceptions within the healthcare sector.


Prove agency effectiveness at driving top funnel brand lift metrics

The objective was to quantify Obviously’s effectiveness in driving top-of-the-funnel brand lift metrics by consistently evaluating ad effectiveness using metrics such as awareness, consideration, and intent across six creators spanning doctors to health and wellness gurus on two social media platforms.


Bringing rigor and accountability to influencer marketing 

In the tightly controlled healthcare ad space, influencer campaigns require close attention. And as demand grows to demonstrate advertising impact, the need to quickly and accurately assess individual influencer performance across social platforms intensifies. 

Obviously sought independent metrics to complement their robust in-house analytics. They required a flexible solution to add to their toolkit that could measure creative formats across platforms while also diving deep into comparative, industry-level insight into ad effectiveness. 


Nielsen Brand Impact quantifies brand lift and perception 

Commissioning Nielsen Brand Impact to quantify brand lift and perception, the agency client leveraged decades of expertise and innovation in the social media space. 

Nielsen’s solution enables the assessment of influencer strategy impact on key brand metrics and brand perception across two platforms (platforms A and B) in a natural yet malleable testing environment. Additionally, Nielsen included metrics–such as visibility, view time and interactions–uniquely tied to the social media experience and performance. 

Key findings


Strong recall

Influencer 2 on Platform A drove the highest recall at 70%, utilizing an asset featuring the healthcare branding and logo prominently.


Creative likability

A majority of respondents, 70%, found the posts likable, with higher likability observed on Platform B compared to Platform A.


Enforcing credibility

The posts on Platform A were seen as informative, credible and educational. They were 1.2x more informative than those on Platform B.


Entertainment value

The posts on Platform B were seen as entertaining. They were 1.8x more entertaining than those on Platform A.

How it works

The study evaluated assets from six influencers across two social platforms using a simulated social media environment. Nielsen’s simulated methodology employs a forced exposure survey-based solution, resembling a real social media feed to provide authentic feedback, while capturing accurate brand lift insights across control and exposed groups.


Proving true brand impact

Nielsen’s Brand Impact solution proves its efficacy in providing insight into recall, likability and various creative elements, empowering Obviously to demonstrate influencer marketing’s systematic and rigorous measurability. This comprehensive approach not only facilitates storytelling but also strengthens Obviously’s client portfolio, establishing influencer marketing as a quantifiable and impactful strategy for driving top-of-the-funnel brand lift metrics.

Working with Nielsen’s Brand Impact solution has been a valuable partnership for Obviously,” says Heather at Obviously, “Their global renown as experts in the research space has allowed us to quantifiably prove to our clients through an unbiased third party the effectiveness of our influencer campaigns, showcasing significant increases in brand recall, likability, and credibility. Nielsen’s insights greatly complement our ability to establish influencer marketing as a measurable and impactful strategy for driving brand lift metrics.

Heather Green, Operations Manager | Obviously

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