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Keep Calm and Watch Summer Sports: The Out-of-Home Linear TV Sports Viewer

1 minute read | December 2018

For many, the world of sports is about much more than on-the-field competition. Sports are celebratory, social events that bring people from all walks of life together to cheer for their favorite teams. And while attending a live sports event is an experience all on its own, getting together in a common place with family and friends to watch the action play out on a TV screen creates a unique experience and bond that’s also hard to replicate.

Whether we’re at a friend’s home to watch a car race, heading out to a bar to watch the mid-summer classic or tuning to the soccer final while on the treadmill, the social side of out-of-home (OOH) sports viewing covers an array of venues. While the viewing location may vary, one thing remains constant among many U.S. sports fans: They take the opportunity to tune in and watch a good game.

To better understand OOH sports viewing habits, Nielsen conducted a survey last summer among sports viewers 18 years and older to understand their FIFA World Cup, MLB, PGA and NASCAR programming viewing habits.

But while we know how much Americans are viewing sports on linear TV outside the home, where do they view? Are they with others or alone? How old are they and what’s their average income?

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