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New Zealand Media Trends Report 2016

1 minute read | June 2016

The rise in technology and connected devices has given consumers, marketing agencies and advertisers a vehicle for boundless choice.

Consumers are engaging with media across a spectrum of devices. As a result, consumers’ time and attention around media is in flux. This looks set to continue as mobile device ownership hasn’t yet reached saturation point in New Zealand. Over half of us (56%) access the internet on our phones. Photography and Camera apps now rank ahead of Utilities (e.g. alarm clock, calculator) with Social Media taking out the third spot.

All media platforms have value in reaching consumers with content and advertising. Media planning and spending has to involve a mix, but that mix depends on the brand and the audience. Instead of thinking about planning media around channels, marketers should be thinking about planning media around the consumer they are trying to reach. Six out of 10 New Zealanders read news content online and it’s growing. Audiences spend almost three hours a day watching broadcast TV, those watching only online TV content is just 4%. The mix of media has never been more important.

Some control is shifting to the consumer, as more people sign up for specialist digital subscription services, and consume content at a time that suits them. Nearly a quarter (24%) of New Zealanders subscribe to digital content such as Netflix and Spotify.  Compelling content continues to be king, and audiences will watch it using whatever the device, and this is true for advertising as well.

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