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Case Study: Best Practices for Over-the-Top Crackle BreakFree Advertising

1 minute read | July 2016

It’s no secret that viewers are watching more over-the-top video than ever before, often binging multiple episodes in one sitting. In fact, 50% of all TV households now have access to a subscription video-on-demand service. But the over-the-top space has limited ad formats and creative is often repetitive.

The upside, however, is that viewers don’t mind watching ads if the creative is relevant and the ads feel natural. Nielsen’s most recent Global Video on Demand report found that nearly seven-in-10 respondents who watch video-on-demand don’t mind advertising if the video content is free.

So the question for industry leaders is: How do I create an engaging over-the-top ad experience where content is often binged?

To gain insight into this quandary, Crackle, a Sony Network, commissioned Nielsen to conduct two Nielsen Media Lab studies to assess the impact of Crackle’s over-the-top channel in driving brand lift, and separately, to understand the optimal frequency of advertising within Crackle’s BreakFree ad environment encouraging binge viewing.

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