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Australian Online Landscape Review: April 2014

1 minute read | April 2014

The online landscape in April saw Australians spend close to 38 hours online over 64 sessions. Almost 40 billion minutes were spent online with 33 billion pages viewed.

In this month we look at the categories – Online Games and Computers & Consumer Electronics. Both categories had increases in device engagement; especially online games with mobile and tablet.

We also include a link to the 2014 Advertising and Audiences Report from the U.S. which highlights key trends in media consumption, video advertising and purchasing behaviour. The U.S. advertising landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate, influenced largely by two factors: population shifts and media fragmentation.

Please note our April 2014 data updates for streaming data and for the Yahoo!7 and Youtube homepages on pages 27 – 28.

About the Nielsen Online Landscape Review

Measuring consumers’ behaviour is in our DNA. And, as the industry’s preferred digital audience measurement provider, it’s our job to keep you informed about the latest consumer trends in this space. To help do this, each month we provide our clients and the industry with a digital landscape report summarising the latest consumer trends. This report gives you the information you need to keep up to date with this rapidly evolving and growing industry. See the latest report below or download some of the previous months edition and see how much this industry has changed!

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