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Optimism and Opportunity A Multicultural Look at Women in the US

1 minute read | November 2011

Though often stressed over money, work, and lack of free time, across ethnicities, American women exhibit optimism with regards to their future and their daughters according to findings in Nielsen’s report: Women of Tomorrow: U.S. Multicultural Insights.

With the face of the United States changing, the attitudes and behaviors of women from all backgrounds is increasingly important. Hispanics are now the fastest growing ethnic group, a trend that has tremendous ramifications on media, retail and manufacturers now and in the years ahead. Optimism was highest among African American and Hispanic women, especially when it came to how they viewed the opportunities they have had compared with those of their mothers.


The optimism does not stop with the women of today: they are extremely positive about the outlook for the women of tomorrow – their daughters – and expect them to have more opportunities available to them than they themselves have now.


Media and Mobile

Despite the stereotype that men are the primary users of media and technology, American women are heavy users of technology – even if they aren’t early adopters. Women of all ethnicities use media in similar ways, with one key exception: smartphones. Just 33 percent of Caucasian women have a smartphone in their household, compared to penetration rates in the 60s for women of other ethnicities.


For more insights, download Women of Tomorrow: U.S. Multicultural Insights.

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