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Video Game Ads Boost Brand Awareness — And Sales

1 minute read | September 2008

Ads in video games may be more effective than previously assumed, Mediaweek reported Monday. 

According to a new study by Nielsen Games, more than one-third (36%) of gamers bought, talked about, or sought information about a product after seeing it advertised in a video game.

Coke, Nike, Burger King, Axe, Pepsi, and Pontiac were cited by respondents as the most-recalled brands. 

Of the 534 active video game players surveyed by Nielsen, 11% purchased a brand advertised in a game or sought more information about it, 19% talked about a brand after seeing an in-game ad, and 10% recommended the product to a friend. 

Most of the gamers who recalled products featured in games reported that the ads did not detract from their gaming experience.

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