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Meet the magic behind the on-screen guide

Tracking TV listings with information across programs, channels and lineups is a monumental feat–especially when it comes to content from every corner of the globe. Aggregated and timely information is difficult to come by. That’s where Gracenote comes in.

Gracenote’s Global Video Data TV Listings are trusted around the world, serving 80+ countries with information across 35 languages, delivering TV schedules and related metadata. TV and video services rely on Gracenote to power their on-screen guides, helping viewers find and access the TV shows, movies, news and sports programming they want to watch on linear TV.

Gracenote aggregates, normalizes and enriches an extensive amount of video data across the globe. Gracenote maintains local TV schedules on a global scale, ranging up to 21 days out.

Across all data, Gracenote IDs power everything from DVR recording to season pass functionality to VOD availability. Imagery is also available, including TV programs, movies and local news and programming.

Access the highest quality editorial data, descriptive data and imagery from a vast library curated by a team with close relationships to broadcasters, content owners and distributors.


For markets around the world, Gracenote TV Listings is your solution

Global support

Gracenote data covers more than 80+ countries and territories and spans 35 languages.

High-quality curation

Use data generated by hundreds of experts who uphold Gracenote’s rigorous guidelines and uncompromising standards.

Use cases

Create informative and visually rich TV & video guide and discovery experiences for audiences

TV & video platforms

Create informationally rich and visually stunning TV guides and interfaces

• Develop EPGs and video guides to drive viewer tune-in to linear TV programming.
• Expand your platform to new markets, leveraging a unified, normalized video data set with robust local coverage.
• Leverage a foundational Gracenote video data set, facilitating ease of integrating additional Gracenote entertainment data sets to further enrich guide, search and discovery.


Unparalleled coverage for all of your content metadata needs

Gracenote provides global and local content solutions covering key regions across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Gracenote’s Global Video Data TV Listings coverage spans 80+ countries/territories globally covering 35+ applicable languages.

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