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Make intelligent, informed decisions around inclusive content investments

Content creators, distributors and brands need to make smart investments in inclusive content that is engaging today’s increasingly diverse audiences. Comparing programming diversity to audience diversity can be difficult without a deep understanding of representation on screen and advanced, detailed audience demographic data.

Designed to accelerate diversity and equity in media, Gracenote Inclusion Analytics, part of Gracenote’s Content Analytics suite of offerings, illuminates representation of on-screen talent compared with audience diversity. The solution empowers content owners, distributors and brands to make better informed decisions around inclusive content investments.

Gracenote Inclusion Analytics compares content diversity to audiences, taking into account gender, race, ethnicity, LGBTQ identity and disability. It evaluates inclusion metrics across catalogs, genres and platforms empowering creators to take advantage of key opportunities for more diverse programming–while supporting the discovery of inclusive content by viewers.


Gracenote Inclusion Analytics metrics include

Share of cast

Measures how representative the cast is in the program story.

Share of screen

Measures how visible the identity group is in the program.

Inclusion Opportunity Index

Measures how representation on screen compares with society.

Share of audience

Measures how representation on screen compares with viewership.

Use cases

Inclusivity data for content creators, distributors and brands

Content creators

Answer critical questions like:

• What types of programming are resonating with diverse audiences?
• How can I support casting more diverse talent?
• How can I enable greenlighting a diverse slate of programs?

Content distributors

Answer critical questions like:

• What does representation look like across our content portfolio and what are opportunities for acquiring programming to grow a more diverse audience base?
• How can I showcase diverse content for ad sales opportunities?
• How can I surface diverse programming in video guides and content recommendations?

Advertisers, agencies and brands

Answer critical questions like:

• How do we target inclusive content for product placement, advertising and other messaging opportunities?
• Is my brand funding the type of content that I want to be known for funding?
• How should I allocate my investments to better meet my goals on inclusivity?

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