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Nielsen Surpasses Volunteering Goal Early With 8th-annual Nielsen Global Impact Day

4 minute read | July 2019

On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, almost 24,000 Nielsen employees from 92 countries volunteered across more than 1,500 events as part of our eighth-annual Nielsen Global Impact Day (NGID). As our annual day of service, NGID is a key opportunity for our associates to use part of their 24 hours of annual dedicated volunteer time from Nielsen, allowing them to donate their time and talents to make an impact.

This year, NGID also marked a milestone for Nielsen thanks to the volunteer hours logged through the event. Since 2016, Nielsen associates have been logging their time spent volunteering with the goal of reaching a total 300,000 volunteer hours by 2020. As of June 2019, we’ve now logged almost 370,000 volunteer hours—a year and a half before our deadline.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to pass our volunteer hour goal ahead of our 2020 target,” said Andrea Bertels, VP of Global Responsibility and Sustainability at Nielsen. “Nielsen associates tell us all the time about the importance of volunteering as part of their employee experience and the culture at Nielsen. The continued participation in Nielsen Global Impact Day and volunteering throughout the year is a testament to the passion and dedication of our associates for their communities and each other.”

NGID volunteer events are planned by regional and local Nielsen Cares leaders around the world. In addition to their day-to-day responsibilities, these employees create and lead volunteer activities to enable and empower their offices and teams to connect to their communities. Joe Duggan, Client Director of Sales Engineering in the U.S., and Stefania Bulencea, Product, Technology, and Operations leader of the Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Adriatics), served as NGID global co-leaders for 2019. 

“NGID is the best day of the year to be a Nielsen associate,” said Joe. “The breadth of impact that we have on our communities is truly inspiring, with ripple effects that last long beyond NGID itself. It’s an amazing tradition that reinforces our commitment to service and to one another—a tradition we’re proud of!”

“Being co-leader for NGID this year was in immense opportunity for me,” added Stefania. “I had the opportunity to work with great leaders; it was fascinating to have access to all the activities happening in all parts of the world, feeling the NGID ‘vibe’…just amazing. I really hope that as a co-leader for NGID I managed to inspire the team, get them involved and transmit at least the same level of engagement and motivation as mine.”

NGID is part of the Nielsen Cares global volunteer program that mobilizes our data, expertise and associates throughout the year to positively affect our communities. These efforts include a $10 million commitment each year to pro bono, in-kind and skills-based volunteering projects through our Data for Good program.

For more information on our Nielsen Cares program, progress on our five-year goals, and other ways that Nielsen gives back, visit the Our World section of the new Nielsen Global Responsibility Report