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Nielsen Reveals Latinx Engagement Opportunities at CES 2019

3 minute read | February 2019

While many people think of tech and gadgets when they think of Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Nielsen introduced attendees at this year’s conference to the growing opportunity that the Latinx consumers offer players in the tech space, given their heavy adoption and usage of all things digital.

At CES 2019, Nielsen’s Stacie de Armas, VP, Strategic Initiatives and Consumer Engagement, led the “Authenticity + Tech: Winning Latinx Engagement session,” which explored how companies can successfully reach the U.S. Hispanic community—digitally connected consumers who are driving growth for a variety of industries. She was joined during her session by Latinx marketing experts Javier Delgado, Senior Director of Marketing for Walmart, and Roberto Ruiz, EVP of Research, Insights and Strategy for Univision.

Stacie began with a presentation on the state of Latinx digital consumption, highlighting insights from Nielsen’s recently released Diverse Intelligence Series (DIS) report Descubrimiento Digital: The Online Lives of Latinx Consumers. She made a clear case that companies without a Hispanic outreach strategy risk the ability to drive future growth. Next, Stacie, Javier and Roberto discussed how their respective companies create shopping experiences, advertising campaigns and video content that appeal authentically to Latinx consumers. Each expert implored attendees to develop messaging that reaches Hispanic consumers “in-culture” rather than focusing on reaching them in Spanish or English. The group also emphasized Hispanics’ relative youth; with a median age of just 28, Latinx consumers are a powerful consumer group who are on the cusp of their prime spending years.

“The narrative that U.S. Hispanic consumers sit on the wrong side of the digital divide is simply inaccurate,” said Stacie. “These powerful and youthful consumers are fully engaged on digital and social platforms, and using these digital tools to drive growth for brands in a way that mirrors the influential effect they’ve had on the overall U.S. economy.”

The team also discussed the fact that companies need to be active supporters of Latinx community issues. Latinx consumers report being more likely to purchase products from brands that support causes they care about, and they’re willing to pay more for a product if it’s made by a company they trust. Companies seeking hard-earned Latinx dollars must market effectively to these consumers while building an authentic dialog with their communities. Each panelist spoke about how their respective company stands in support of Latinx communities throughout the U.S., and how those initiatives have created mutually beneficial consumer relationships.

Stacie de Armas and James Kotecki at CES 2019

At the conclusion of the session, Stacie stepped into the CES C Space Influencer Studio for a conversation with James Kotecki, Director of Marketing & Communications for Infinia ML, that was broadcast live. James and Stacie delved deeper into the insights presented during the session and reflected on the economic impact of Latinx consumers.

The insights Stacie shared throughout the session, derived from Descubrimiento Digital, are part of our annual DIS reports, which explore the unique purchasing and consumption habits of diverse consumers. The DIS has become an industry resource that our clients use to better understand the unique trends of multicultural groups and tailor advertising toward them. The CES session made a clear connection between the population shifts underway in the U.S. and future growth opportunities, which is a vital learning for any company looking for long term business sustainability in the face of an increasingly diverse consumer landscape.

Nielsen was an official partner of CES 2019, with a focused presence on how innovation in our business and products can help businesses drive growth in a fragmented media landscape.

Top photo (from left): Stacie de Armas, Javier Delgado and Roberto Ruiz.