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Nielsen Multicultural Insights Highlighted at 2018 Azteca América Upfront

2 minute read | July 2018

The U.S. population is growing increasingly diverse, with 24% of households in the U.S. considered multicultural. For brands, marketers and advertisers looking to engage with today’s diverse consumers, understanding who these shoppers are is crucial. Using our data, we bring powerful diverse consumer stories to life and turn data into actionable insights. Recently, we were invited to share some of these stories at Azteca América’s New York and Los Angeles upfront events.  

Stacie de Armas, our VP of Strategic Initiatives & Consumer Engagement, shared updated insights from our 2017 Diverse Intelligence Series report Latina 2.0: Fiscally Conscious, Culturally Influential and Familia Forward. Her presentation, called “The New Latina Demographic Revolution,” underscored the economic power and cultural influence Latinas wield in an increasingly diverse U.S. market.

The presentation revealed that Latinas are some of the most digitally connected in the U.S., as 91% own smartphones, 10% more than their non-Hispanic White counterparts. Additionally, Stacie highlighted Latinas’ socially conscious purchasing habits; 61% of Latinas agree that they are more likely to buy a brand that supports a cause they care about. Stacie’s presentation emphasized the value for advertisers in reaching Latinas—as key influencers over U.S. Hispanics’ increasing buying power. Also, Latinas today are increasingly bilingual and have an affinity towards brands and products that speak to them authentically and that are reflective of the diversity of the U.S population. Content creators who appeal to Latinas are therefore incredibly valuable to advertisers looking to tap into the U.S. Hispanic market.

“Nielsen has chronicled the awakening and growth of Latina economic and cultural power since 2013, when we released our Latina Power Shift report,” said Stacie. “What we’ve seen in the five years since then has been a remarkable trend toward the preeminence of multicultural consumers. It’s become increasingly clear that U.S. Hispanics in particular are exerting their economic power and cultural influence on a variety of industries, and much of this power is wielded and influenced by Latinas.”

In addition to the data Stacie shared in her presentation, Nielsen’s Latina 2.0 report supported Azteca América’s launch of its new ad-supported platform called “The Year of the Latina.” The network will celebrate the achievements of U.S. Hispanic women across digital, social and programming platforms.

Each year, we release a robust set of comprehensive reports on the unique consumption and purchasing habits of diverse consumers in our Diverse Intelligence Series. These reports have become an industry resource to help brands and advertisers better understand diverse consumers.

Azteca América’s incorporation of insights from Nielsen’s report into its 2018 upfront events demonstrate the value of Nielsen thought leadership on multicultural women, as well as how networks, brands and advertisers are awakening to their economic leadership. Companies looking to drive growth in a multicultural market must similarly take note of this data when designing their own outreach campaigns.