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1 minute read | September 2015

There’s no denying the importance of understanding how your advertising is resonating, especially in the fast-evolving digital realm. The depth of available data, however, is constantly evolving, and not all data sources provide thorough metrics. That’s where Nielsen Digital Brand Effect has the edge.

And today, that edge just got a little sharper. That’s because we’ve amplified Nielsen Digital Brand Effect, the industry leader in measuring the resonance of digital brand advertising campaigns, by adding brand lift by placement metrics into the interface. That means campaign performance can be drilled down to how a specific placement of a specific ad within a specific site is doing. Measuring brand lift performance at the placement level unlocks the most granular view to help advertisers, agencies, publishers and platforms evaluate the most and least effective placements within a campaign.


What can clients expect from the addition of brand lift by placement? A typical brand advertising campaign has on average 100 placements*. Clients now have access to this granular level of information in a real-time interface to make precise optimization decisions while the campaign is still running.

With the increased number of data points available, we’ve also released a new bulk upload tool to simplify the analysis process. The bulk upload tool allows clients to easily rename and group placement and creative data by simply uploading a Microsoft Excel document into the Digital Brand Effect interface.

Bulk Upload ScreenshotFinal-x2

These releases continue to show Nielsen Digital Brand Effect’s commitment to helping clients understand the effectiveness of their digital brand advertising spend.

*Campaigns measured by Nielsen Digital Brand Effect.