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Understanding the impact of full funnel marketing on ROI

1 minute read | July 2022

For marketers today, building brand awareness is a top goal, but many fall short when it comes to measuring its impact. And if you’re only measuring half your funnel, you’re likely under-funding channels that are more effective for brand-building. In fact, channels rarely perform well on both sales and brand outcomes—Nielsen Marketing Mix Models find this only happens in 36% of cases.

To get a full view of performance, marketers need to measure and optimize on both sales and brand metrics. And for marketers able to turn full funnel data into actionable insights, the payout is well worth the effort. To learn more about the impact of full-funnel marketing can have on ROI, we recently spoke with Abhinav Maheshwari, Vice President, Performance Measurement, APAC. In our discussion, Abhinav speaks to the dangers of sales-only measurement, and the benefits of brand-building on long-term conversions.


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