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Connected Commerce: Connectivity leads to a transformation in lifestyle

1 minute read | January 2019

Today, four billion people connect to the World Wide Web and almost all of them (92.6%) do so through their mobile devices. 85% of users (3.4 billion people) surf the Internet every day and spend an average of 6.5 hours online. Consumers are spending more and more time on various digital activities. It is undeniable that internet access, mobile technology and digital innovations are redefining the everyday interactions of consumers and continuing to shape their lifestyles in more ways than one.

The expansion of access and widespread use is transforming consumers’ information habits, making them not only simpler but also more flexible and personalized in an increasingly demanding life.

Traditional usage patterns have expanded thanks to communication platforms, social interfaces, information portals, financial transactions, gaming and video content, which have simultaneously brought the need for online shopping.

Successful and sustainable growth for manufacturers and retailers will be ensured through the development of strategic steps through a variety of channels and purchasing experiences in both developed and emerging markets, as well as well-established and emerging categories.

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