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Measuring new media’s impact on brand awareness and ROI

1 minute read | August 2022

With the wealth of new media platforms and formats available to consumers, marketers have more ways to engage with potential buyers than ever before. With each new marketing channel, measurement becomes critical for identifying which formats will drive the most ROI.

Brands that are investing in emerging media are seeing big returns. Nielsen Marketing Mix Models found that influencer marketing, for example, is just as effective as more established, mainstream channels, and performs within 1% of the ROI of TV and digital ads. And when it comes to new media’s impact on brand, the results speak for themselves. In a study of over 1,000 podcast, influencer and branded marketing ads, Nielsen’s Brand Impact Norms database shows that the median brand recall was over 70% among consumers who saw the ads.

To learn more about the impact of emerging media on ROI, we recently spoke with Nichole Henderson, Senior Vice President, Brand Impact Product at Nielsen. In our discussion, Nichole discusses the rapid rise of new media in marketing campaigns, how they can help drive ROI and how marketers can properly test campaigns before creating their budgets.


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