Marketing Mix Modeling


Know which marketing tactics are driving revenue and profit

As a marketer, you’re leveraging more channels and tactics to reach your customers than ever before. The question is, how do you know which activities are driving revenue and profit?

We’re here to help. Nielsen Marketing Mix Modeling enables customers to assess the impact of their investments, understand what’s working, and optimize marketing budgets accordingly. It provides answers to critical marketing questions using industry-leading performance models for data coverage and granularity, so you can make current and future marketing decisions with confidence.



Learn from past performances to plan for future campaigns

Leading coverage

Leading coverage

Maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns with unmatched coverage across platforms and devices.

Accelerated insights

Accelerated insights

Analyze marketing ROI insights in weeks with our automated and connected infrastructure.

Actionable intelligence

Actionable intelligence

Optimize your marketing mix with customized simulations that help you plan for future campaigns.

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting

Dedicated support to provide you with modeling recommendations, insight delivery, and more.

Use cases

Marketing optimization for advertisers, agencies, publishers, and ad platforms

Marketing Mix Modeling for advertisers and agencies

Media buyers

Determine how to best allocate your marketing budget and optimize ROI by understanding how much you should be spending on each marketing tactic.

Answer critical questions like:

• What is the return on investment of my marketing strategy?
• What is the optimal mix for my channels and tactics?
• What should my marketing budget allocation be next year?

Marketing Mix Modeling for publishers and platforms.

Media sellers

Learn how you can quantify the effectiveness of your platform in terms of return on investment, revenue growth, and incremental sales.

Answer critical questions like:

• How can I quantify the value of advertising on my platform?
• How can I drive incremental revenue for my clients?
• How does my platform compare to other media channels?


Unparalleled coverage for all of your marketing mix modeling needs

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