The 2024 Asian Traveler

Insights Into Asian Travelers and Airline Competitive Intelligence

In Asia’s fiercely competitive airline industry, unlocking growth is paramount. Nielsen offers a strategic compass to navigate through the turbulence. Stay ahead of the curve by optimizing your planning, activation, and effectiveness with The 2024 Asian Traveler guide. It’s the flight plan for airlines to soar above the competition, transforming insights into action and propelling them toward sustained growth and success.

This guide provides:

Insights about today’s traveler: Understand the need to know data points about what motivates and inspires people to travel.

Competitive advertising: What is actionable competitive advertising?

Measuring impact recommendations: The fastest way to learn about the effectiveness of your advertising.

Need to know viewership data: Insights on consumption habits in a complex multi-platform, multi-device, and multi-distribution landscape.