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Upgrade of radio measurement solution in Norway

3 minute read | January 2023

Oslo, 26 January 2023 – Commissioned by the radio broadcasters NRK, P4-gruppen (Viaplay Group) and Bauer Media, Nielsen has upgraded the measurement of the radio listening currency in Norway. The main new feature is the implementation of Portable People Meter (PPM) Wearables in the Norwegian panel – the first time that Nielsen, outside of the U.S., has done this for a currency solution. 

Nielsen has measured radio listening in Norway since 2019, based on 2000 reporting panel individuals, and was awarded a new contract last year to provide an even more accurate representation of Norwegians’ listening habits which was effective from January 2023. 

First country outside U.S. to use Nielsen wearable technology in a currency measurement solution

In Norway, for the first time outside of the U.S., Nielsen’s new wearable PPM meters are now being used as the basis for official national currency figures for radio. The introduction of Nielsen’s PPM Wearables started as planned on 1 January 2023. Replacing the current PPM meters with new PPM Wearables will take place gradually across the Norwegian panel with full implementation expected by the end of 2024. 

PPM Wearables is Nielsen’s newly developed portable measurement meter. The wearable meter is based on current PPM technology, and has a modern and more user-friendly design. Testing in both Norway and the U.S. has proven the new wearable meters are more appealing and easier to use for panel members. The implementation of the PPM Wearable meters is expected to raise compliance and the use of the meters.

Including tailor-made headphone listening adjustment

As an increased number of Norwegians listen to radio using headphones, Nielsen has developed a tailored machine learning model for daily estimation and inclusion of listening to the radio using headphones in the renewed solution. This measures the total reach of radio listening behaviour in a way that is more representative of actual behaviour.

“To maintain a solid radio measurement currency for the highly ambitious Norwegian market, it is crucial to keep developing new methods and technology to match the constant changes in market behaviours. Working closely with Nielsen to introduce the PPM Wearables solution does exactly this and as a result, radio measurement in Norway will be even more enhanced moving forwards”, says Head of Analysis at P4-gruppen and chairman of the Steering Committee, Åse Marit Linberg.

Ragnhild Herlofsen, market leader for Nielsen in Norway commented: “Radio is an important medium in Norway, especially with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking broadcasters in the world located here. At Nielsen we are always looking at ways to improve the measurement of radio and this new, innovative approach will ensure that we continue to deliver state-of-the-art audio measurement solutions in Norway.” 

The purpose of Nielsen’s audio measurement solution in Norway is to provide a representative picture of the radio listening behaviour of Norwegians aged 10+ living in private households. The measurement includes listening to both editorial and commercial content from the broadcaster’s radio channels, across distribution platforms and equipment used to listen.

Nielsen has more than 75 years of global experience in measuring radio listening, and a large number patents on metering technology, including the PPM technology that has been used to measure radio listening in Norway since 2006.

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