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Latest Nielsen research shows New Zealand is a nation of news junkies

3 minute read | April 2023

82% of kiwis need their fix of news at least once a week, according to Nielsen media engagement research

Auckland, New Zealand, April 11, 2023 – New data from Nielsen Consumer Media Insights (CMI) MediaEngagement, New Zealand’s most comprehensive consumer engagement and sentiment measurement service, shows that 82% of Kiwis (around 3.4 million) get their news at least once a week from various sources, including daily newspapers, local and community press, social media, as well as New Zealand’s many news apps and websites.

Those aged 45 and over are more likely than the rest of the population to consume news from more than just
one media source, often using a mix of print and online news brands. In contrast, those between the ages of
15 and 44 tend to stick to just one platform for their news – most often NZ news brands on social media.

When it comes to financial services, Kiwis pay close attention to news – it’s a driving factor in their investment
decisions. Nielsen’s CMI Media Engagement data shows that when New Zealanders are considering financial
products and services, they are:

● 26% more likely than the average New Zealander to engage with NZ news brands (i.e. newspapers,
digital, on social media)

● 20% more likely to be of the opinion that the financial information they get from NZ news sources is
“trustworthy and credible”, and;

● 18% more likely to feel that NZ financial news helps them form opinions and think differently

The figures come from Nielsen’s CMI Media Engagement data, which covers many media types, engagement
sentiment, and insights on how NZ’s media informs, inspires and guides purchase intention across multiple

Executive Director of Nielsen NZ, Tony Boyte said, “These latest news engagement numbers from Nielsen
CMI demonstrate the country’s strong appetite for news content and the power it has in shaping consumer
opinion and influence on purchasing behaviour across categories.”

The numbers also showcase the importance of news content to brands and advertisers keen to engage with
New Zealanders on a daily and weekly basis, says Nielsen’s NZ Director of Client Development, Helene
“Nielsen CMI Media Engagement highlights the role that different types of media play in our purchase
decisions. Having a greater knowledge of consumers is crucial for a competitive advantage in this space and
CMI helps advertisers and brands align with content that reaches their key demographics to maximise
consumer engagement. It’s crucial in navigating the volatile consumer and media landscape faced by media
owners, advertisers and agencies today.”

About Nielsen CMI
In addition to providing insights into New Zealand’s engagement with news, Nielsen CMI offers a wealth of
insights into consumers and what makes them tick. Its comprehensive coverage genuinely gives a 360 degree
view of the consumer across all areas of daily life: demographics, attitudes, activities, media usage, and
product purchases, which tracks competitive brand level ad activity across the entire media landscape, drilled
down across New Zealand to provide a local-level snapshot.

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