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Nielsen launches streaming content ratings enabling cross-media measurement in Indonesia

3 minute read | December 2022

Streaming Content Ratings will help publishers, agencies and marketers understand how audiences engage with linear broadcast and mobile streaming for the first time in Indonesia.

Jakarta Indonesia December 9, 2022 – Nielsen today launched Nielsen Streaming Content Ratings, a cross-media video audience measurement for linear TV and mobile streaming for the needs of the Indonesian market. Streaming Content Ratings provides insights on the platforms and channels streamed through mobile devices and broadcast through linear TV ratings, including audience reach, time spent, and demographic profiles.

As audience consumption continues to shift across linear and streaming services, Nielsen is providing the industry with a single destination to help identify shifts in viewer behaviour in consuming content and allowing a clear understanding of viewers’ streaming preferences. 

Based on Nielsen Consumer & Media View Q3 2022 (Indonesia), TV and internet are the two types of media with the highest reach where TV still dominates with 81.1% and the internet has experienced significant growth reaching 76.7%. As of the third quarter of 2022, TV users are still dominated by 40-49 year olds (18%) and 50+ (23%), while digital is still dominated by 10-19 (22%) and 20-29 (26%) year olds. With the high growth of the internet, accessing online video and watching TV streaming have also grown significantly in the last three years across all age groups. This calls for an industry’s need to have a reliable measurement for streaming. Through Streaming Content Ratings, Nielsen helps the industry understand streaming audiences and how they engage with content, allowing marketers and broadcasters to better understand the competition landscape to gain audience attention.

“Now more than ever, it’s important for our clients to have a clear understanding of the streaming landscape, particularly a view of audience consumption that takes into account the total use of streaming platforms comparable to linear TV. Nielsen Streaming Content Ratings does just that- providing a  comprehensive view of streaming consumption and advanced audience demographics. It will help industry stakeholders in making strategic decisions in  buying, selling or investing in cross media.” said Nielsen Indonesia Executive Director Hellen Katherina.

Hellen emphasized that currently, audiences have more choices in the right to access and enjoy content that suits their needs so that the integrated measurement method will make it easier for broadcasters and advertisers to determine their business strategies.

“Streaming Content Ratings will look at who, where, and how the current streaming audience can provide precise measurements for programs viewed through top streaming platforms by bringing multiple fragments together into a single source,” she explained.

Streaming Content Ratings can help broadcasters make informed programming and content distribution decisions to reach key demographics. The service can also attest to its audience profile against competitors and serve as a guide for content development and consumer acquisition strategies, where it can sell with different value propositions to advertisers.

Meanwhile, for advertisers, the service provides an understanding of where and when the target audience engages with the video. This overview will help marketers gain efficiency in their media spending and increase reach by optimizing investment decisions between television and digital by effectively adapting to where the audience is.

Nielsen has begun to unify its technology platform to help make its audience measurement products more interoperable, flexible, and scalable. This can meet cross-media measurement by carrying out the vision of Nielsen ONE, a vision to make Nielsen a trusted cross-platform measurement partner in all media including in Indonesia.

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