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Nielsen launches statistics on advertising in social media and the app

2 minute read | June 2021

Oslo, Norway, June 7, 2021: Nielsen now launches a service for statistics on spending in social media and apps in several of the company’s international markets, including Norway. The new service is a significant strengthening of Nielsen’s Ad Intel portfolio, and will be available in Norway in the second half of the year. Norwegian players will thus gain access to new insights about advertising in digital social media and the most important apps in the market, including both investment levels and images of the creatives.

ntel Digital, together with the other detailed database for media investments in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, trade magazines, outdoor / poster, mailbox / direct advertising and cinema, will form a particularly robust basis for work with identifying potential customers, analyzing trends and brand strategies. . The addition of social media and app data provides a strong increase in the coverage of digital media in Nielsen’s base, and thus also overall a more precise and comprehensive picture of advertising purchases in Norway. Both sellers and buyers of advertising space will thus be even better equipped to monitor, analyze and adjust the campaigns. 

Nielsen’s Commercial Director, Ragnhild Herlofsen says: “The fact that we are now strengthening our statistics with data for social media and the most important apps in the Norwegian market is a significant boost for our service in Norway. This is information our customers have requested, “We are really pleased to be able to meet the need. We feel confident that the availability of the new datasets will be a positive contribution to increased insight into the digital advertising market.”

Alessandra Rossi, Nielsen Ad Intel Product Strategy Lead, adds: “In line with the industry’s constant embracing of new advertising opportunities, it is Nielsen’s ambition to represent a neutral source of relevant data, which the various players can use in their work to develop competitive media strategies. Nielsen Ad Intel’s independent data is generally of high quality and level of detail. With Nielsen Ad Intel, the Norwegian media industry will in future be even better equipped to follow its own and competing media investments, and planning advertising campaigns in Norway will thus take a step forward.

The improvement of Ad Intel is part of Nielsen’s goal of providing valid, representative and relevant data to both buyers and sellers of advertising space in the media. We work to ensure that our data is well suited as a basis for analyzes that enable players to make smart choices for the development of their own business and brand.