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Singapore’s Consumers Are Ready for Omnichannel Marketing

3 minute read | February 2019

Singapore, home to an ethnically diverse population of 5.6 million, is a global business center as well as a tourist and transportation hub for Southeast Asia. Nielsen Visual IQ recently held two digital marketing events there to help marketers understand and engage consumers in the digital era. The events focused on how brands can embrace new digital options, especially those offered by an omnichannel lens.

In terms of opportunity, busy shoppers are rapidly adopting e-commerce around the world. According to our Connected Commerce report, global online sales in 2017 totaled US$2.3 trillion, or 10.2% of total retail sales, and are expected to reach 17.5% by 2021. With connectivity and digital development exploding in Asia, it’s no surprise that the fastest growing e-commerce markets are located there. According to our Quarter by Numbers: Q2 2018 report, more than two-thirds of consumers in Singapore said they spend more on retail online than they do offline.

In this new economy, brands across industries must embrace omni-channel strategies to ensure future growth. Brands need to develop personalized campaigns to target consumers with digital marketing, paid search, video marketing along with traditional TV commercials and in-store promotion. Tracking, measuring and understanding a variety of engagement platforms is essential to maximize opportunities in this increasingly digital world.

Nielsen Visual IQ’s events, “What’s Next in Digital” and the “Digital Marketing Asia 2018 Summit,” brought together more than 260 clients from banks, agency networks, consumer electronics, government, insurance, airlines, telcom, platform partners and retailers in Singapore to learn how to be more effective marketers.

The events explored an array of opportunities and challenges of digital including:

  • How the fragmented digital landscape makes planning the ideal customer experience more difficult
  • Why real-time, audience-centric marketing measurement is so critical to success
  • The role multi-touch attribution and other technologies play in a modern performance measurement strategy
  • How organizations can develop a comprehensive approach to marketing effectiveness
  • A look at Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, the industry standard for digital ad measurement
Andy Dubickas presented about how to understand and engage consumers in the digital era.

Zaid Nasir, Project Lead, Media planning and Analytics at Dell joined three marketing effectiveness leaders from Nielsen Visual IQ: Andy Dubickas, VP Global Solutions Consulting; Aman Khanna, Client Partner; and Steve Lindsay, Regional Client Business Partner based in Singapore.

“Companies in Singapore are seeing new opportunities across digital, social and mobile. Online advertising is growing and the digital landscape is expanding,” said Andy. “The extensive adoption of mobile has created a situation in which consumers are out ahead and demanding new experiences. I was happy to represent Nielsen Visual IQ at this important gathering to learn and share with these companies.”

Given the opportunities in the market, Andy spoke about new measurement practices, such as multi-touch attribution, that help brands in all industries gain a holistic view of the customer journey. He described marketing effectiveness solutions that combine the power of diverse analytics approaches with the Nielsen’s comprehensive audience-centered marketing performance data.

Nielsen Visual IQ looks forward to future events and helping marketing teams in Singapore use data for better decision-making.