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On the Record with Mariko Carpenter

1 minute read | July 2019

The Asian American consumer path-to-purchase—or “consumer journey”—is far from linear. These powerful consumers rely on the opinions of friends, family members and those on social media to inform their purchases. Our 2019 Diverse Intelligence Series report, Informed Influencers and Powerful Purchasers: The Asian American Consumer Journey, traces this path and offers marketers a guide on how to reach Asian American consumers effectively and authentically. 

In the latest edition of On The Record, Nielsen’s Mariko Carpenter, VP, Strategic Community Alliances, and Mia Scott-Aime, VP, Communications, sit down to chat about how Asian Americans are asserting their cultural and economic influence on the U.S. mainstream. In particular, the pair recap key cultural moments from the past 12 months, including the box office success of Crazy Rich Asians and Sandra Oh’s Emmy nomination, among others. 

Mia and Mariko implore marketers to develop their Asian American cultural IQ. After all, Asian Americans—with $1 trillion in annual buying power—are the fastest growing population of any other multicultural demographic. And their purchasing and viewing habits are frequently indicative of larger trends in the total population. So it’s essential for companies to reach this segment if they’re looking to drive future growth.