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On The Record with Stacie de Armas

1 minute read | October 2019

Latinx consumers wield $1.5 trillion in annual buying power and are growing faster than the total U.S. population, both in numbers and purchasing power. Our latest Diverse Intelligence Series report on U.S. Hispanics, La Oportunidad Latinx: Cultural Currency and the Consumer Journey, reveals numerous points in the Latinx path to purchase where brands can make a connection. But simply knowing where Latinx consumers spend their media time and make purchases isn’t enough for brands to earn their patronage.

In this episode of On the Record, Gorki De Los Santos, a Director of Communications for U.S. Media, and Stacie de Armas, VP, Strategic Initiatives and Consumer Engagement, sat down to dig a bit deeper on the report and reveal insights on how brands can develop the cultural IQ needed to create products and messaging that resonates with Latinx consumers during Hispanic Heritage Month. Stacie described how the Latinx path to purchase is akin to a pinball machine—where each bumper is a cultural influencer that nudges these consumers along as they navigate the consumer journey. Brands that win with Latinx consumers will align their advertising, product offerings and values with these influencers (language, family, flavors and beyond) in a way that feels authentic.