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Nielsen Releases 2nd Annual Global Well-being Report

2 minute read | June 2019

There’s no doubt that health and wellness is on the minds of consumers, retailers and manufacturers around the world—and for good reason. Around the world, consumers are struggling with their health. For example, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.9 billion people globally are overweight. But our data has found that consumers are invested in their health. In fact, 72% of global consumers say they would buy foods that include superfoods. As a result, retailers, manufacturers, health care providers and even governments are reacting to the evolving health needs and concerns of consumers around the world, but there is still more work to be done.

That’s why we’re excited to release our 2018 Global Well-being Annual Report. As a global employer, we are able to influence the health and well-being of our 45,000 associates and their families through our innovative “The Whole You” program and corresponding four pillars of health.

The Whole You program provides resources and incentives that enable our employees to be better health care consumers and lead healthier lives. Highlights from the program in the past year include:

Thanks to our hard work and valuable initiatives, we’ve won multiple global awards for our efforts. This includes a Gold-Level Recognition from the National Business Group on Health (U.S.) and multiple awards for our Diversity and Equality efforts. We also recently were recognized on JUST 100’s list of Top 100 U.S. Companies Supporting Healthy Communities and Families.