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Nielsen Named Media Industry Leader for Third Consecutive Year by Just Capital and Forbes

2 minute read | November 2019

For the third year in a row, Nielsen was named the industry leader among Media companies in JUST Capital’s and Forbes’s annual ranking of the “JUST 100.” Now in its fourth year, the “JUST 100” ranks America’s “most just” companies based on the priorities of the American people as identified by JUST Capital’s research. Nielsen took the #79 spot on this most recent ranking.

JUST Capital’s methodology encompasses “just” business behaviors across a wide range of aspects, including areas such as environmental sustainability, community involvement, corporate governance and responsible sourcing. Top performing companies included on the “JUST 100” are also included in Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (Ticker: JUST), an exchange-traded fund based on just business behavior and constructed from JUST Capital’s rankings.

According to JUST Capital’s latest survey results, a vast majority of Americans want large companies to promote an economy that serves all Americans (95%), but far fewer believe large companies are actually walking the talk in promoting this economy (45%)—evidence of a lack of consumer trust across sectors. This lines up with our own research that shows that today’s consumers are putting less trust in brands and becoming increasingly disloyal: Only 9% of American consumers are loyal to the brands and products they’ve always bought.

The good news is that, when businesses invest in understanding how consumers value “just” attributes, they have the opportunity to earn consumers’ trust, loyalty and dollars. In fact, Nielsen research projects that by 2021 consumers will spend up to $150 billion on these sustainable products in the U.S. alone.

“We’re proud to be the Media Industry leader in JUST Capital’s annual ranking for the third consecutive year,” said Julia Wilson, VP, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, Nielsen. “We are committed to continued collaboration to ensure that we deliver new and sustained value for all of our stakeholders as we seek to shape a smarter market and deliver one media truth through both our core role as an independent measurement provider, and through our efforts to share our data for good in helping to create solutions for our world’s greatest social and environmental challenges.”