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On the Record with Stacie de Armas

1 minute read | October 2018

Technology has fundamentally changed the Latinx* consumer experience. Hispanic consumers own devices and use digital platforms at a higher rate than the total market, creating behavioral differences in how they communicate, shop, consume content and mobilize for social justice. According to Nielsen’s recently released Descubrimiento Digital: The Online Lives of Latinx Consumers report, the combination of the relative youth of the Hispanic community–-and the preference for culturally nuanced and representative content—puts Latinx consumers at the nexus of setting trends and influencing the mainstream.

In the latest episode of Nielsen’s On the Record, Stacie de Armas, VP, Strategic Initiatives and Consumer Engagement, joins Andrew McCaskill, SVP, Global Communications and Multicultural Marketing, to discuss  the cultural drivers of Latinx digital consumption. Stacie also delves into ways that companies can forge authentic connections with Latinx consumers by developing messaging that speaks to the diverse experiences of U.S. Hispanics. 

*Nielsen uses the term Latinx to connote unspecified gender. The decision is a nod toward greater inclusion of women, LGBT+ and non-binary Hispanics and the growing popularity of the term in social media and academic writing.