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Nielsen ready to enable customers to use multi-screen ratings data (Digital Content Ratings)

4 minute read | July 2017

The key to improving audience measurement on every screen which can be used in conjunction with TV ratings

Bangkok – July 26, 2017 – Nielsen announced the launch of Digital Content Ratings, or Digital Content Ratings, starting August 1, 2017 onwards. At the heart of the development of audience measurement across all screens, DCR delivers daily digital content (video, website, and radio) viewer ratings. Can be used in conjunction with TV ratings

After August 1st, all customers in interested industries, including media owners, agencies and product owners. Data comparative reports of consumer digital content viewing habits can be accessed on a daily basis via desktop or other mobile devices.

“Delivering Digital Content Ratings is one of the most important milestones in our journey. And it proves our commitment to improving measurement for the online segment of the industry. reliable And it is information from independent organizations that are stable. consistent in delivery It is an international standard,” said Sin Petrarat, Managing Director of Nielsen Media Business, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. consumer It also understands how digital content is viewed on every screen, enabling strategies to optimize programming, website and radio. their own maximum.”

Digital Content Ratings are the industry’s first and only service. that measures digital content viewing behavior from the total population in Thailand By collecting viewing digital content across desktops, laptops, smartphones (apps and browsers), tablets (apps and browsers), and smart phones. TV, where daily audience data reporting that provides insights into the gender and age of the audience will increase clarity in the data. and causing the continuous growth of the media industry

The Nielsen measurement service, Digital Content Ratings, uses the same measurement method as the Nielsen measurement service for Digital Ad Ratings (online advertising measurement services), which is widely used in the industry. It has been done in more than 25 countries around the world. Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings have delivered reliable measurement results to Product owner Agency and media owner for use in business With the launch of two services, Digital Content Ratings and Digital Ad Ratings, customers are able to obtain detailed, in-depth information that enables them to plan Both in terms of content and ad metrics like never before.


“We know our audience is watching content through multiscreen anywhere, anytime, and we want to know what our audience is watching. and what equipment do you use?” said Mr. Chalakorn Panyachom, Chief Executive Officer of Digital TV, Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited, “This DCR tool helps us to have better visibility and Gain more insights than ever before. And as our digital audience grows, This tool will help us make better business decisions to reach audiences more effectively.”

In addition, Ms. Jitsupa Watcharapol, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Thairath TV station spoke about DCR, adding, “We can use it to develop TV content. to expand the audience to online platforms”

Mr. Plakorn Somsuwan, Managing Director of Bangkok Television and Radio Co., Ltd., said, “Based on the information By measuring the results of Digital Content Rating, we can get complete information from all platforms and channels. In addition to the TV ratings Which makes us confident that the audience hasn’t disappeared anywhere. Just change the viewing channel only.”

“It is important to develop measurement metrics, and there are still many gaps in the industry’s measurement system today. One of the big gaps is that we don’t currently have anything to measure across platforms. Platforms have their own different metrics, like a barrier, and when we look at consumers, we know we need to measure across platforms. This is the very first opportunity, the second chance is If we can benchmark and have metrics to measure like offline, because we can’t decide where we’re going to put our money if we don’t have the same metric to measure, you have to measure apples and apples. Apple It’s not apples and oranges, so measuring using the same metrics between offline and online can improve efficiency and ROI,” said Al-Hull Suhan. Vice President of Marketing – KFC, Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

About Nielsen

Nielsen NV (NYSE: NLSN) is a global performance management company. By providing a deeper understanding of what consumers see and buy. As for what consumers watch (Watch), we provide a service to measure and collect all audience data. on all devices and all the content that consumers are exposed to whether from video, audio or text to media customers and advertisers In terms of what consumers buy, Nielsen provides a measure of the global retail market performance for product manufacturers.

By combining data from both the Watch and Buy side, along with other data sources, Nielsen can provide its customers with excellent metrics as well as analytics that will improve the performance and business of its business. Customers Nielsen, a S&P 500 Index company, currently operates in more than 100 countries covering more than 90 percent of the world’s population. for more information Please visit