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Nielsen Joins Alliance 4 YOUth’s Pacific Pact

1 minute read | June 2017

The Alliance 4 Youth, a business-driven initiative to promote youth employment, continues to expand its global presence, as it recently expanded to Latin America. With the organization’s Pacific Pact, established May 31, 2017, Alliance 4 YOUth set down roots to help the youth of the Latin American countries with a Pacific coastline: Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

As a steadfast partner with the organization, Nielsen was on hand at the Pacific Pact launch event, along with 36 national and local partner companies. At the event, the companies pledged to help more than 17,000 young people enter the workforce in the pact’s region by 2019.

The event included a welcome speech from Laurent Freixe, Nestlé’s Executive Vice President for the Americas, as well as speeches from Heraldo Muñoz, the Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Salazar, the Regional Director of the International Labor Organization for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Josef Widmer, the Swiss Deputy to the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation. The speeches were followed by several panel discussions about education systems, employment and the unique challenges of each of the countries involved with the Pacific Pact.

With the launch of the Pacific Pact, the Alliance 4 YOUth is now operating in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Latin America. And as a strong believer in the organization’s mission, we’re a key partner in every region where the alliance has a foothold.

Initiated in 2014 by Nestlé, the Alliance 4 YOUth is a business-driven initiative to promote youth employment by helping young people gain experience and employability through jobs and training opportunities, as well as through education. The organization’s partner companies also mobilize their employees to engage with the community and help young people prepare for work by offering practical advice, resume clinics and interview preparation.