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The Big(ger) Picture: Tapping into Out-of-Home Viewing

1 minute read | May 2017

As more and more people are watching video content through various platforms and devices, the location of where consumers are viewing is changing. Due to these changes in viewing behavior, it’s important that marketers, advertisers and media buyers have dependable and comprehensive data that captures this valuable audience. That’s why we announced last month that we’re now leveraging our Portable People Meter (PPM) technology to measure out-of-home TV viewing to provide clients with a more complete view of their audience. Using a fusion methodology to combine the PPM footprint across 44 local TV markets with Nielsen’s national representative panel, we’re able to represent 65% of the TV U.S. household population to project what people are watching outside of their homes.

This is big news, and we recently asked Sara Erichson, Executive Vice President of Client Solutions and Audience Insights, about the significance of this new capability.