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Advancing Digital Audience Measurement in Japan

1 minute read | January 2017

Today, we announced a business partnership with Video Research Ltd. (VR) to create a standard and common digital (PC and mobile) audience measurement service for the Japan market.  Smartphone ownership in Japan has risen rapidly in recent years, diversifying how consumers view media content and advertising.

The VR and Nielsen partnership will measure the reach of content and advertising across Japan via PC and mobile devices to strengthen internet audience measurement indices and advertising effectiveness services for the Japanese market. The goal of the partnership is to drive further activation of the internet media and ad market in Japan.

The partnership will involve both Nielsen and VR making a cross-investment in the respective company’s subsidiary organisations, Video Research Interactive Inc. (“VRI”) and Nielsen Digital Co., Ltd. (“Nielsen Digital”). Under the newly formed partnership, VRI and Nielsen Digital will create an audience measurement metric that integrates methodologies for internet advertising, content and video, explores opportunities for technical collaboration to drive the integration process, jointly develops digital audience measurement indices, and sells mutual products.

“The media sector in Japan has experienced unprecedented change in recent years, and our clients require new and innovative metrics which help them stay ahead of these changes,” says Jun Miyamoto, President of Nielsen Digital. “We are excited to commence this new relationship with Video Research, and look forward to shedding new light on the media habits of Japanese consumers.”

“We are delighted to be working more closely with Nielsen Digital through this new partnership,” notes Toshiyuki Endo, President & CEO of Video Research Interactive. “The combined power of Nielsen Digital and Video Research Interactive’s audience measurement and analytics capabilities is unequalled, and this partnership will contribute to the development of Japanese media and advertising industry.”