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Nielsen Data Is the Difference

1 minute read | September 2016

With the rise of the connected consumer in recent years, the marketing technology sector has seen exponential growth. With content consumption and shopping activity occurring across numerous, largely digital touch points, the demand for a fully-integrated end-to-end marketing solution has increased as well. As a result, several large players have entered the cloud marketing space.

In this video, Damian Garbaccio, executive vice president of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud, discusses how Nielsen has set itself apart in this marketing space. He identifies Nielsen’s proprietary data and superior analytics capabilities as key differentiators.

“Nielsen, as a data owner of what we feel is the most comprehensive watch and buy data set, allows marketers to understand and have access to proprietary and granular information that is going to give them [marketers] an advantage in the marketplace. It is this access to data that’s a game changer for brands,” Garbaccio explains.