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The Power of Audio: 2015 Nielsen Audio Client Conference

2 minute read | December 2015

Audio is everywhere these days. We listen in our cars, on our phone and tablets, at home and on the go. From streaming services to satellite radio to traditional terrestrial radio, we have more options than ever for audio consumption. To examine the dynamic and rapidly changing listening landscape, Nielsen hosted more than 220 programmers, brand managers and senior executives at its 2015 Audio Client Conference Dec. 3 and 4 in Washington, D.C.

“The Nielsen Audio Client Conference is the premier radio event for the industry,” said Jon Miller, vice president, Audio Insights, Nielsen. “The turnout was great, and we were happy to share updates on Nielsen strategy to measure all parts of the audio landscape. In addition, it’s always so worthwhile to gather some of the brightest minds in radio programming to share ideas on how to create compelling content.”

The conference has a 20-year history of bringing together the brightest minds in radio and audio programming, branding and marketing. The theme this year was the “Total Audio Landscape.” Digital has been transforming the audio industry, and the event explored the importance of measuring new formats Nielsen further its global push to deliver total audience metrics (audio, video and digital). In a panel of senior Nielsen leaders, Megan Clarken, Executive Vice President, Global Watch Product Leadership, spoke about SDK and CBET technology and said, “Radio understands the need to measure digital and it’s a technically savvy industry that’s ready to do it.”

To illustrate the tools available for digital measurement, the event featured an interactive technology and measurement expo, which welcomed guests to test out Nielsen’s latest technologies for total audience measurement, such as the PPM encoding and decoding process, practical applications of consumer neuroscience, and tools for quantifying the sales impact of audio ads.

Even with the ever expanding listening options for audio, radio maintains its place as a significant part of our listening experience.

“The power of radio is evident not just as a whole, but also within the sheer diversity of the listeners, from coast to coast,” said Miller during his welcome address. “Black and Hispanic consumers spend more time with radio each week than any other group. They poses enormous buying power and are an important group for marketers.”