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Nielsen Indonesia and Fractal Launch Region’s First Syndicated Outdoor Media Measurement Service

1 minute read | July 2015

Nielsen Indonesia recently announced a historic collaboration with Fractal, the leading local provider of out of home media, to launch Indonesia’s first syndicated out of home media measurement service.

A first of its kind, this new offering will provide enhanced insights on outdoor advertising effectiveness. This allows advertisers get the best return-on-investment from their advertising strategy through competitive analysis, location selection, audience targeting and extent of investment.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a leading media company such as Fractal, as well as for the opportunities this partnership provides in terms of delivering new insights to our clients,” emphasizes Agus Nurudin, managing director, Nielsen Indonesia. “Outdoor advertising is commonly perceived as a high investment media because of the extra effort required to implement and the lack of metrics on its effectiveness. Having greater clarity around outdoor advertising will help advertisers make more informed decisions on their advertising investments.”

The current penetration of outdoor media in Indonesia is 52%, the second highest media, only behind television. More than two-thirds of Indonesians (67%) are outdoors during the week, and with 25% of their time spent out of home and an average of one to two hours spent travelling, outdoor media represents significant opportunities for advertisers.

The combination of Nielsen’s global expertise in consumer and marketing insights with Fractal’s local understanding of out of home media will provide a comprehensive view to clients, ensuring that their outdoor media strategy and investment is more focused.