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eXelate Expands Its Mobile User Dataset By Billions Of Monthly Interactions With PushSpring

3 minute read | November 2015

New York, NY – Nov. 3, 2015 – eXelate, a Nielsen Company, today announced a collaboration with PushSpring, one of the world’s largest independent sources of mobile app and device data, to further expand its reach in mobile-originated audience across a variety of segments, including app installs, auto and travel intenders, and mobile-shoppers. eXelate will integrate billions of PushSpring’s monthly mobile audience data points classified along dimensions of life stage, interest, activity and intent. This further enhances the accuracy and scale of eXelate’s mobile audience segments, helping brands and agencies improve the performance of their mobile advertising campaigns.

“Our mobile reach is growing leaps-and-bounds, and the relationship with PushSpring further bolsters our capabilities by providing a large and extremely accurate source of mobile audience data,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of eXelate, A Nielsen Company. “This enables our brand and agency partners to better reach mobile-first shoppers and consumers showing interest and intent on mobile devices across a variety of industry verticals and to do so at a scale that is meaningful.”

“PushSpring is one of the first companies to offer independent deterministic mobile device-level data at scale,” said Karl Stillner, CEO and Co-Founder of PushSpring. “Working with eXelate, we are bringing the power of our mobile app and device data to the programmatic ecosystem in a big way. eXelate’s mobile audience data distribution capabilities across every major ad server, DSP, and agency trading desk are well known, and this relationship is one we think will have lasting benefits for all involved, especially the advertisers using this audience data to find high-intent mobile customers.”

eXelate’s technology models relationships between devices, users, and households in real time to achieve the ultimate balance between audience scale and accuracy. eXelate powers over 1 million data syncs per minute across its 125 media platform partners to ensure that brands and agencies have access to the freshest and most relevant mobile and cross-device audience data available to support their marketing campaigns.

About eXelate, a Nielsen Company  

eXelate, a Nielsen Company is an enterprise-class data management platform (DMP), analytics engine, and media activation hub that leverages exclusive Nielsen data assets and products to help advertisers drive media efficiencies, improve content and advertising relevance, and increase sales performance. It consolidates the most powerful repositories of information on consumers, markets and cross-media interactions available in the world today. Additionally, the platform has one of the largest media activation and data distribution networks in the industry, which enables real-time distribution of audience data across 100s media and content platforms, giving brands unprecedented reach and speed-to-market.

About Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE: NLSN) is a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers watch and buy. Nielsen’s Watch segment provides media and advertising clients with Total Audience measurement services for all devices on which content—video, audio and text—is consumed. The Buy segment offers consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers the industry’s only global view of retail performance measurement. By integrating information from its Watch and Buy segments and other data sources, Nielsen also provides its clients with analytics that help improve performance. Nielsen, an S&P 500 company, has operations in over 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit

About PushSpring

PushSpring ( is a Seattle-based company providing mobile app audience data, tools, and intelligence products to advertisers and mobile app publishers. PushSpring processes billions of monthly mobile app and device-level signals to create a highly accurate and complete multi-dimensional classification of deterministic mobile app audiences. PushSpring Personas and custom audience segments can be accessed via the PushSpring Audience Platform and distributed through industry-leading DMPs, DSPs, and programmatic platforms to power mobile marketing objectives for brands and app owners. The two-year-old company recently raised $5 million in Series A investment led by Trilogy Equity Partners.


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