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Seen on screen: The impact of diverse talent in media

1 minute read | January 2023

As the media industry works towards becoming more inclusive, Nielsen’s 2022 Being Seen on Screen report provides a benchmark for measuring representation on TV. We have expanded our dataset from the Top 300 to over 3,000 shows in broadcast, cable and streaming. We have included more diverse communities, most recently, people with disabilities. We have also looked at some case studies exploring how investing in more inclusive programs is good for business — for advertisers or media publishers.

With this report, we seek to provide a deeper understanding of how to be more inclusive in TV programming and connect with the valuable audiences who want to watch meaningful content. 

“Being seen for who we really are is an important step in inclusion. The next step is learning about others through the stories we see and hear.”

Sandra Sims-Williams, Chief Diversity Officer

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