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Latino-led content and viewers: The building blocks for streaming success

1 minute read | September 2022

In addition to influencing the entertainment landscape, Latinos are voracious consumers of entertainment and media, as evidenced by their outsized appetites for streaming content. From a media and entertainment perspective, streaming has become the predominant way all people watch television, and this could not be more true than it is for the Latino community.

While all audiences are leaning into streaming, the story is more pronounced for Hispanic audiences, as 43.6% of Latinos’ total TV viewing in July 2022 was attributed to streaming platforms. And while seemingly endless choice attracts this audience, many Hispanics feel that accurate representation is in decline.

In addition to highlighting the voracious streaming appetites of Hispanic audiences, this report provides the findings from a first-of-its-kind analysis that showcase the impact of representation in media, both on camera and behind it. Importantly, the findings show that Hispanic-inclusive content attracts audiences, inspires them to spend more time within a platform and actually increases a program’s bingeworthiness.

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