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Breakthrough ROI depends on optimized media spending

1 minute read | August 2022

We know from agency projections and global marketer forecasting that ad spending is up this year across the board, with notable advances across digital channels like social media and online video. But despite the increases, some of which are significant, are marketers spending enough to break through?

Somewhat surprisingly, many are not. In fact, the data from a global analysis of cross-channel media plans shows that half are underfunding their media investments. In essence, the investment levels are too low to be effective. How low? About 50%.

To better understand how spending levels affect ROI, we recently spoke with Imran Hirani, VP, Media & Advertiser Analytics at Nielsen. In our discussion, Imran discusses the relationship between investment and outcome, the frequency in which spending levels are inadequate to generate optimal results and strategies to right-size media spending.


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