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Agility is key for marketers amid the convergence of brand and acquisition

1 minute read | April 2022

Navigating change isn’t easy, yet change remains front and center for marketers seeking the best strategies and channels to engage with consumers. Agility has never been more important, and adaptability remains a top attribute for marketers as channels broaden and the lines between our linear and digital worlds converge.

To establish and maintain meaningful relationships with consumers, marketers need to keep pace with real-time changes in behavior, attitudes and media engagement. According to Jamie Moldafsky, Nielsen’s chief marketing and communications officer, robust and accurate data must be marketers’ north star for understanding and engaging consumers—and for measuring the ROI of that engagement.

With the complexities of ongoing disruption and media fragmentation, Moldafsky says several things remain constant: the need to know consumers and clients, what they want from you and how you can most effectively and efficiently engage them.

In concert with the launch of Nielsen’s 2022 Annual Marketing Report, we spoke to Moldafsky about the importance of brand, the intersection of brand and acquisition, the importance of understanding full consumer journeys and the value of scalable data strategies.


For additional insights, download Nielsen’s 2022 Annual Marketing Report.

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