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Seeing and believing: Meeting Black audience demand for representation that matters

1 minute read | October 2021

2021 African American Diverse Intelligence Series

The U.S. Black population has a complex and powerful legacy that continues to shape our nation and cultures around the world. And yet when it comes to representation in media, the complexity that creates the richness of that experience is often lost, and when present, undervalued. As the media industry looks to be more inclusive of Black storytellers and grow their bottom lines or brand awareness with Black audiences, a deeper understanding of the community is even more critical.

Learn more:

  • For many African Americans, content is the common language. Learn how for Black audiences, traditional media habits are blending with new paths to engaging with content.
  • How brands can build trust with the Black community by finding opportunities to put Black culture front and center in content and advertising.
  • Dig deeper into the diversity and intersectionality within the Black community. Check out insights about the international Black diaspora audience 
  • Explore profiles of powerful African American segments: the Black male streamer, the phenomenal woman and HBCU alumni and fan base

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