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Quality Data Will Help Publishers Cultivate Stronger Audience Relationships

1 minute read | August 2021

As the media industry plans for a future without third-party cookies, many are quick to jump to the implications for advertisers and their digital marketing efforts to stay connected with consumers. But the implications are just as meaningful for publishers, given that they want to offer equally meaningful experiences to the visitors of their sites, platforms and apps. As is the case with advertisers, information about users and visitors is critical, even though third-party cookies won’t become extinct for more than a year now.

To understand the road that publishers must navigate in an effort to create meaningful experiences for consumers, we spoke with Katie Koval, SVP of product management at Nielsen, who spoke about two different scenarios: one for publishers with existing authenticated audiences and one for those with un-authenticated audiences. She also comments on how the future of marketing without the cookie will ultimately foster more meaningful relationships between publishers and audiences simply because they will be forged leveraging deterministic audience data.


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