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Power Chat: Improving Disability Representation in Advertising

1 minute read | August 2021

More than a quarter of the U.S. population lives with a disability, and many of us who aren’t disabled likely know someone who is living with one. While film and TV content have made progress in depicting stories of disability, as evident in the surge of programming inclusive of disabilities and related themes over the last 10 years, advertising featuring people with disabilities lags far behind. With a $21 billion market potential, advertisers can’t afford to miss the opportunity to engage with the disabled community and its allies.

Highlighting the impact that living with a disability can have on consumers’ experience with a product reinforces a sense of belonging. It also has the potential to drive dramatic change in people’s daily lives. We talked to Christina Mallon, influencer, activist and Global Head of Inclusive Designer and Digital Accessibility at Wunderman Thompson about what advertisers can do to craft an informed and inclusive message. She is at the forefront of raising awareness, increasing accessibility and innovating with brands for people living with disabilities.


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