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Podcasting today

1 minute read | September 2021

Insights for podcast advertisers

The rise in podcast popularity over the past 10 years has effectively changed the landscape of the entire market.

In addition to having a broad effect on the overall media industry, the maturing of the podcast landscape has broadened the appeal of podcasts well beyond those who have been listening for many years. That’s a key shift, particularly as advertisers look to podcasting foropen opportunities. Today, almost half (49%) of U.S. podcast listeners are light users: people who listen anywhere from one to three times a month. That’s a notable contrast from how the industry viewed the typical podcast listener five or 10 years ago.

This issue of Podcasting Today presents an overview of who is listening to podcasts, how often they’re listening, as well as insights into the unique ability of podcasts to drive stronger brand recall than traditional forms of advertising. This issue also includes select brand case studies from select industries than demonstrate high ad metrics as a result of podcast advertising.

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