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Embracing Democratized Identity Systems in a Cookieless World

1 minute read | April 2021

Today’s world celebrates what makes us all different, and marketers need to carry that forward into the media ecosystem, but getting to know your consumers can seem difficult amid emerging privacy regulations. In the traditional advertising ecosystem, brands and content owners have been able to use external data sources like third-party cookies and free device or browser identifiers to target and measure their audiences. But as these groups think about the future of advertising without third-party cookies, they will need to re-assess the sources and quality of their identity data.

There are two paths for brand and content owners to make connections with consumers: rely on one common ID/definition of the audience that rules everything or leverage many IDs and datasets that can learn and adapt to form a complete view of the audience. To understand which approach will be most successful, we spoke with Matt Krepsik, General Manager, Planning and Outcomes Products at Nielsen, about why taking a democratized approach to identifiers will help marketers build those direct relationships with their diverse consumer bases across platforms.


Learn more about the Nielsen ID System, a new approach that modernizes data assets, direct integrations and technologies so advertisers and publishers are able to understand the entire consumer journey across platforms, optimize spend and prove the impact of advertising with longevity and flexibility.

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