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eMarketer Tech Talk: Streaming Demystified—A Marketer’s View

1 minute read | June 2021

The pandemic has upped the ante for marketers looking to make sense of the ever-fragmenting streaming landscape. In just one year, Nielsen estimates that the percentage of homes that can stream has risen from 18% to nearly 30%. 

With expanded measurement capabilities, marketers can see the true scale of the growing streaming ecosystem and measure the impact of new revenue to include branded in-show integrations.

On June 17, eMarketer moderated a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Nielsen’s Brian Fuhrer, senior vice president, product strategy. He discussed how streaming provides new monetization opportunities for marketers. 

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • The true scale of the growing streaming ecosystem, and what it means for marketers
  • The biggest monetization opportunities for content creators and brands in streaming  
  • Who’s watching which platforms, and where advertisers can reach unique audiences 

For additional information visit our Streaming Video Ratings solutions page.

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