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Advertiser Playbook

1 minute read | October 2021

Strategies and tactics for 2022 planning

As the end of 2021 comes into focus, the ripple effects of the pandemic aren’t the only disruptive factors for advertisers to contend with. Channel fragmentation, privacy, ad avoidance and social responsibility are additional considerations that affect everything from marketing strategy to channel choice to message tone.

The media landscape and shifting consumer preferences present an array of challenges for brands to navigate, but many pertain to a handful of universal hurdles that brands must navigate regardless of industry. Of these, advertisers are facing five key pain points:

  • Ad avoidance
  • The changing face of targeting
  • Sharing brand ownership with consumers
  • Growth and budgeting
  • Measurement

To assess and overcome them, brands must have a holistic understanding of the media landscape and a comprehensive picture of consumer behavior. With that information as a foundation, brands can develop advertising strategies that bypass existing and future challenges to ensure efficient, effective and data-driven business growth.

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