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The Customer Intelligence Gap in CPG Advertising

1 minute read | August 2020

Consumers today are living in a world of disruption, and it’s becoming harder for CPG advertisers to make meaningful connections with them. To complicate matters, CPG brands know the least about their consumer base given the heavy middleman nature of the industry. With the upcoming holiday season fast-approaching during an already challenging year for advertisers amidst the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, now’s the time to close the gap in your customer intelligence.

The Customer Intelligence Gap in CPG Advertising e-book outlines why unlocking quality 1:1 consumer data is essential to fighting back against the disruption of trends in the marketplace. When it comes to understanding consumers’ purchase intentions and how advertising drives desired behaviors, don’t settle for educated guesses. With accurate audience targeting and outcome measurement and optimization, marketers can get the actionable intelligence they need to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns and inform strategies that generate more sales.

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