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Making Digital Advertising Add Up in India

1 minute read | September 2020

Right Targeting And Robust Measurement Drives Effective Digital Strategy

Businesses around the world have transitioned from testing the digital advertising waters to planning and budgeting their digital spend well in advance. But many still have questions about the efficiency of their digital ads.

Some advertisers continue to increase their digital spend to broaden their reach and then measure success through using traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) like impressions, clicks and click-through rates (CTRs). This is problematic because advertisers base their campaign spend on metrics that publishers deliver, which presents somewhat of a conflict of interest. In the absence of awareness about alternative assessors, many advertisers believe that these publishers are able to accurately identify the profile of every user and therefore deliver a high level of precision in reaching the desired audience of their advertising campaigns.

  • Only 63% of advertising campaigns in India that are targeted to men 18 years or older get served by digital publishers to the intended audience. For women between 25-44 years, the figure is just 65%.
  • Self-reported metrics by publishers are insufficient to precisely measure the success of campaigns and ensure accuracy of reach.
  • Impartial, third-party reach measurement goes a long way in driving accuracy for campaigns of all sizes.

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